Lunch: March 26 – 30

Sprouted Sushi:

Nori, short-grain brown rice, rice vinegar, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, cucumber

Pasta with Zucchini and Almond Pesto

Almonds, garlic, Romano cheese, parsley, zucchini, penne noodles

Mexican Quinoa Salad:

Quinoa, red peppers, black beans, garlic, salsa, cumin, salsa

Panzerottis and Coleslaw

All purpose flour, yogurt, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms, red cabbage, mustard, mayonnaise, carrots

Kale and Azuki Bean Salad on Rice

Kale, tamari, sesame oil, Azuki beans, rice


Lunches: March 19 – 23

Samosas with Carrots and Hummus:

Potatoes, sweet peas, coriander, all-purpose flour, yogurt, red lentils, tahini, olive oil, garlic, carrots

Lentil Burgers:

Brown lentils, carrots, celery, flax seeds, vegetable broth, slider buns


Black beans, kidney beans, pureed tomatoes, mushrooms, chili powder

Egg Salad Sandwiches:

Free-range eggs, mayonnaise, mustard, alfalfa sprouts, whole wheat bread

Curried Carrot Cauliflower Soup:

Carrots, cauliflower, yellow onion, ginger, garlic, curry

Lunch: March 12 – 16

Red Lentil Hummus and Quinoa

Quinoa, red lentils, tahini, garlic, carrots

Butternut Squash Casserole:

Butternut squash, black beans, leeks, sourdough bread, rosemary

Gardener’s Pie

Chickpeas, sweet peas, mashed potatoes

Kale Azuki Bean Salad on Rice

Kale, azuki beans, tamari, garlic, cumin, coriander


Potatoes, sweet peas, curry powder, flour

Lunches: March 5 – 7

Kale and Adzuki Bean Salad:

This is a recipe from Jackie (Luca’s mom), it has become one of my favourite recipes for it’s simplicity and it’s flavour! Delicious and nutritious!

Kale, adzuki beans, tamari, cumin, corainder

Brazilian Black Bean Soup:

Black beans, garlic, carrot, orange juice, cumin, red pepper

Ba-Da Bing Ba-Da Bean Dip

Black beans, lentils, red pepper, red onion, salsa, Catalina dressing