Happy New Year!

After the holidays who can bear to think about food……… Me!

This holiday I was given three new cookbooks and I look forward to trying out the recipes at the Playhaus. I am most excited about an Indian cookbook, with warming spices just in time for the cold winter months ahead!

I hope that your families enjoyed spending time together creating beautiful memories and making history.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! xo


catering to commUNITY

Hello Families,

The Playhaus is happy to be launching this website! We hope that it will help us to organize this new sharing, as well as function to keep you posted as to what is happening in the kitchen throughout the coming months.

Lindsay has resumed cooking at the Playhaus! With a love for cooking and a passion for this project, she will be posting recipes on this site for lunches at the Playhaus. The purpose of this is to keep you aware of ingredients being used, for the sake of both nutrition and allergies. Please feel free to communicate to Lindsay your opinions concerning both of these matters. She will also happily welcome your recipe contributions!

Tina has suggested this project in the hopes that catering will provide an even deeper sharing between the Playhaus and families. We hope that food sharing allows you more time to spend with your children. We all strongly support children’s involvement in the kitchen and intend for this catering to function as a tool to relieve stress in the kitchen so that when you are cooking together, you have all the time you need…

Families will officially be invited to Bring Home a Bowl starting December 1st!

We have taken into account the suggestion for lunches for parents and/or for other children in the home. The Playhaus lunch menu will be posted on the site and you will be able to order extra, portioned lunches “to-go” that may be picked up in the morning. Also, you will be able to browse the lunch menu being enjoyed at the Playhaus and you can order a family-sized portion of any of the meals being cooked that week.

Lindsay will be working hard to post all of the recipes well before December 1st. Feel free to contact her, with your questions, or suggestions at anytime. The food co-op will be a new branch on the Playhaus family tree!

We still have some work to do concerning pricing and how to order, perhaps through form distribution? We greatly welcome any feedback concerning what would be most efficient for you.

With that said, there’s a lot of work to do!

Bon Appetit!